Name: Mickey Goodman

Backyard: Atlanta, Ga., and environs. Epicenter of the South. Home of the world’s busiest airport (both a plus and a minus), the world’s largest aquarium, Martin Luther King, Margaret Mitchell, the 1996 Olympics and the occasionally World Series-winning Atlanta Braves.

Passions: My kids and five grans, the U.S.A., chocolate (any kind, anywhere), meeting new best friends, traveling, exploring new cities, museums and art galleries, scribbling, reading books-books-books. Sharing my new book — “Nine Lives of a Marriage — A Curious Journey” — written with Holocaust survivor, Eva Friedlander with others.

Travel Favorites: Sipping a glass of wine on Ladera’s verandah overlooking the Pitons in St. Lucia at sunset; cruising down the Danube between Vienna and Budapest wrapped head to toe in a woolly blanket; tiptoeing through the tulips in the Kuekenhof Gardens in Holland; luxuriating in a massage in an outdoor wickiup at the base of Sedona Arizona’s red rocks at The Enchantment; playing among the “flutterbys” with three grandchildren in the Day Butterfly Center at Callaway Gardens.

Personality Type: Lazybones, athletic nerd, friend-collector, reader-dreamer-stargazer.

Most (Un)Memorable Travel Moment: Removing the entry card from its pocket in a hotel room in Florence, Italy which trapped my roommate in total darkness in a coffin-sized shower in a windowless bathroom (and no way to turn on the lights without the card). Whew. Still living it down.

Where to find my work: www.mickeygoodman.com, http://www.ninelivesofamarriage.com

Where to find me: Mickey_goodman@yahoo.com, My Facebook

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  1. Back a day earlier than expected, Mickey. Let’s have lunch at last & I’ll tell you all about it. Yours is absolutely the best travel stuff I’ve read. I’m hooked. Ya done good, my dear friend!

  2. Gorgeous site, and makes me want to go. Anywhere.

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