Posted by: Mickey Goodman | May 2, 2012

Notes from Ave J. Easterly, the person, to Jordanna East, the author, a new ASJA conference goer.


I know what you’re thinking, “Recap the Magic? Really?” Yes! It was indeed magical! It was my first writer’s conference! I got a swag bag! I learned stuff! I met people! And no one laughed at me!

(Yes, one of my biggest fears was that when I met people and informed them that I was “pre-published” they would laugh me out of the borough of Manhattan. That’s right. They would laugh so hard I would magically be whisked away to Queens and all of the Mets fans. Oh the horror! But, alas, this was not the kind of magic I encountered. And also, Go Yankees.)

The first session I attended was entitled: Books2Go:DIY Publishing. It was about -yep, you guessed it- self publishing. I got to the room early to get a seat up front. Not because I’m a nerd (although I am a nerd, that’s just not why…

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  1. With all do respect, I just wanted to correct the spelling of my name. Its Ava J Easterby. Thank you again for re-blogging and I’m glad you enjoyed the post. : )

  2. Sorry about the misspelling, Ava. I’ll do better next time.

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